Pop-Tarts Vodka

Pop-Tarts Flavored Vodka

Clearly jealous of Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liquor, Kellogg’s is now venturing into booze territory with their own 80 proof Pop-Tarts flavored vodka. Initially, traditional flavors will debut including Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Classic Straw­berry and S’mores, with the company planning on adding three new flavors each year. You won’t lose authenticity or kiddie delight from knowing that you can eat a Pop-Tart toasted or untoasted, because this vodka can be served chilled or heated – the latter giving your drink a “toasty edge.” Kellogg’s says the future could hold all sorts of Pop-Tarts creativity, like the Wild­li­cious flavor including real sprinkles in the bottle. This was such a clever post, it’s hard to read between the April Fool’s lines. $TBA

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